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It’s the second week of the school holidays and I’m writing my roundup of the past seven days of this crochet life on my phone. Because I know if I open the laptop at the table, little people will be upon me in seconds – what is it with that?! (And how the heck do people homeschool?! I always find myself asking this question at some point toward end of the school hols πŸ˜‚). Of course, there are many pluses to having no routine and spending lots of chilled-out time with my girls. However, they also bicker incessantly and I do struggle with having such little time alone (cheerful introvert talking). However, such is motherhood, and I have maybe ten minutes right now, for which I am grateful 🧑 So, here goes!

True to the spirit of the yarn-obsessed mother, I attempted to introduce some yarncraft to our holiday activites. It was traumatic πŸ˜‚. To cut a long story short, my youngest (5) was not interested, and my eldest (7) was too frustrated by the antics of her disinterested sibling to focus for long. I myself, however, can now french knit and finger knit (thank you. YouTube!). Heart above is shaped from my fingerknitted thneed 😁 Eldest daughter and I have decided to try again when youngest daughter is not present. And I am of course more than happy to sow the seed of yarn addiction πŸ™‚

In grownup yarn news, this week I impulsively purchased some Caron Cotton Cakes and made a Desert Winds Scarf. It’s a nice easy pattern for a good-sized triangle scarf; I’ve made one before in lovely Bendigo Woollen Mills Cotton 4ply. This yarn though…not so lovely: talk to me about Caron Cotton, fellow hookers? Was I just unlucky to get knots in both balls, including right on the colour change, plus hideous yarn vomits?! It was supposed to be relaxing quick make, and thus perfect for school hols. It turned into a lot of unravelling and rewinding, and I have a bunch of ends to sew in – not what you’re looking for in a variegated yarn, right?! Also, the colour changes are too abrupt for my liking. I’ve read such good reviews, so I was disappointed. Your thoughts?

In happier yarny news, I am 99% done with my three and a half year old blanket wip!! Am on the fourth and final round of the border (Edie Eckman #107 – will share deets next post, my time is nearly up – Muuuuuuum??) Yahoo!! Here are some progress pics. The colours make me oh so hApPy 😊😊 I hope to share the completed blanket with you next week. Until then, I wish you happy hooking πŸ’Ÿ

10 thoughts on “Crochet Mum

  1. Nicola says:

    Oooh, I do love he colours in that blanket! I’ve not used Caron cotton cakes but I have heard that some cakes are knotted at the colour changes which, as you say, is very annoying. Lion Brand Mandala is one that blends nicely at the changes and no knots in either of the cakes I’ve used. Bernat Pop is ok too,

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    • Pam @hooksandhills says:

      Thanks Nicola 😊🧑 3.5 years of random colour grabbing at random moments lol I do like bright colours – good colour therapy I reckon πŸ™‚ Thank you for the variegated recommendations too. I keep hearing good things about LB Mandala, I will add it to my wish list, which currently includes a Scheepjes Whirl (or 2!) and I will check out Bernat Pop. I do believe I’ve seen it in one of the (only 2) independent craft shops around here for 100s of kilometres. Will investigate πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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  2. Paardje says:

    Maybe it’s just me but using colorful yarn makes a huge difference in the number of items I finish. I still have a black something in my crafting cabinet that I keep skipping over in favor of something with more color πŸ™‚ This blanket has me drooling! ❀ Can't wait to see the finish πŸ™‚

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