Not Crochet. Knitting!

I have a confession to make. There has been no crochet at all around here this past week. I am a traitor to my hooks! I have gone over to the other side!!

I still firmly believe that I will remain true to my first yarn love of crochet, but the knitting bug bit me hard these past days, and I returned to and finished a knit wip in the space of a week. Such loyalty to one wip is almost unheard of, and I surprised myself!

I’d done another simple dishcloth and learned a lot along the way, but my heart yearned for the knitwear that inspired me to learn to knit in the first place. So I got brave and went back to a scarf that I was struggling with a few weeks ago. Happily my perseverance with the dishcloths paid off as everything did suddenly seem a lot clearer.

So I compulsively (powerless to stop!!) kept on keeping on with a free asymmetrical scarf pattern that I’d found on Ravelry and ta-daaaaaaa! Yesterday I walked out wearing my lovely new scarf in Scheepjes Stonewashed. Happy days!

So what of note have I have learned thus far on this learn-to-knit journey of mine?

  1. Cable keys are provided for a reason! If you don’t use the puzzling little key thingy to tighten your interchangable circulars before you embark, they will come loose, and you will lose stitches. Oops.
  2. I can now join a new colour properly, work in stripes carrying yarn up the sides, and weave in ends very nearly on both stocking and garter stitch fabrics. For help with all these I highly recommend Wool and the Gang YouTube tutorials. I am so happy I stumbled across them when I got stuck. They are very concise, which I love, impatient as I am to be getting on and doing.
  3. I know how to fix a newbie-knitter loose cast on when you realise a few rows up that it’s all starting to look like shit, without going back and redoing it. It is hard to describe, but I figured out you can use a darning needle to gently tighten each stitch from the end of the cast on row and working back to the first cast on stitch, and then undo the starting slipknot and simply pull to add the excess yarn to the tail. I am not sure how much sense this makes, but it worked, and I felt rather victorious 🙂

In other yarn, and yes sorry still knitting, news, I have selected my first Craftsy knitting classes and ordered supplies. I am sooooo excited! I will let you know how I get on, both with the materials (Paintbox ‘Socks‘, who knew?! Oh. And suddenly now 50% off? Gah. That hurts a bit right after ordering!!); and the classes themselves.

For now that’s it from me, as the school bus is about to return and my #yarntime is up. I do apologise for any grammatical or spelling errors – usually I am fanatically pedantic about these things but I do tend to edit-edit-edit and it is so time-consuming. Today there just isn’t the time (people will want food etc, how every dare they!).

Are you steadfastly a hook only yarn person, or do you knit too? What are your top tips for beginner knitters? Can you recommend any Craftsy classes, or knitting books?

Next time it’ll be all about the crochet. Promise 😁

~This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a very small commision if you choose to purchase a linked product~

4 thoughts on “Not Crochet. Knitting!

  1. Nicola says:

    That is gorgeous. It’s been a long time since I was a beginner knitter (like 40-something years) so no tips from me! I have been knitting longer than I have been crocheting. They both have their uses and it’s nice to have the ability to do both.

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